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Tenant FAQ

How does the application process work?

After you have viewed the property, you are able to apply for the tenancy through our website application. This also enables you to include reference detail, ID and other supporting documents.

You should expect an application to be processed within 24 to 48 hours. If you are successful, congratulations. You would then be required to pay a deposit to secure the property. Once the deposit both parties have a legal tenancy.

How much shall we pay once accepted?

Generally the deposit will be 2 weeks rent, which covers your first 2 weeks rent and 3-4 weeks bond depending on what has been requested.

Deposits are normally due overnight. This allows other applicants that are unsuccessful to look for other properties.

What length of tenancy shall i expect to sign up for?

This will be explained in your deposit offer. Normally it would be for an initial term of 12 months. If you would like a long term just ask. Remember usually this is the initial term and the owners would normally allow the tenancy to continue.

Can I break a fixed term tenancy?

Fixed term tenancies are a legal agreement between you and the owner, for a specific length of time and cannot simply be ended with notice. This applies to both parties.

Should you need to break a fixed term tenancy we will consult with the owners to see how we can help you.

In general, we have been carrying out break fixed terms for tenants since 2005. If the owner agrees to break in tenancy you would cover the rent until a new tenant starts & owners marketing costs.

Group, couple or family tenancies

If you are part of a group, a couple or family and your name is stated as the tenant on the contract you are liable for the contract. This means you are liable for all costs related to the tenancy should another named tenant not be able to meet the tenancy commitments.

What happens if things need repairing?

Should a repair be necessary please email your property manager directly or submit a repair request on our website. Your property manager will then be in contact to discuss the repair and arranged where required.

For after hours emergencies you will have access to a property manager to help you with the emergency.

How often will you inspect our property?

This might depend on the owners insurance policy. We will normally inspect every 13 or 17 weeks. We will also email you well ahead of time for the inspection so there are no surprises.

Under the law, owners are not allowed to carry out inspection more frequently than 1 month.

Are we allowed pets?

You should always ask the question before you apply for a tenancy. Views are starting to change on pets. If a property allows a pet the advertising will usually say whats allowed or if no pets are allowed. You are not allowed to introduce a pet to your tenancy without prior approval.

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